T.A.W.S. is a recording studio in road cases. 

Mainly consisting of three 45 inch tall custom rolling road cases.

Case one houses Miles' vintage Neve and Urei analog gear for the best analog sound possible.

Case two houses the digital world based around a Mac G5 computer, ProTools hardware and software and an extensive list of up to the minute accessory software by Waves, Peak, Celemony's Melodyne, Urei, URS to name but a few. 

Case three houses the Digi fader pack and two Mac Cinema screens.


Miles has traveled with T.A.W.S. to Montreal, Austin TX, North Carolina, Memphis TN, Calgary, Edmonton Alberta, Vancouver, Vancouver Island, and even as far as Haines Alaska. 

When not on the road, T.A.W.S. is set up in his Nashville area studio, Boulton Farms beside Long Hunter State Park and Percy Priest Lake.

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