Miles' diversity as a producer is not just purely in the country bag. His work with pop, rock, jazz, rockabilly and folk have all culminated in giving him the ability to know what complements a song in bringing the best out on record. His unique sonic ability, musical background and technical know-how help bring the music and the artist to the forefront.

As a record producer, Miles has co-produced and engineered Hugh Moffatt's 1989 "Troubadour" album for Rounder/Philo Records and produced Mark Koenig's The Lonesome Kind" album for MCA/Canada in 1991.

Miles' long-standing relationship with singer/songwriter Guy Clark has truly brought him into the forefront of contemporary country music. Miles co-produced and engineered Guy's "Old Friends" album for Sugar Hill. which was nominated for a Grammy in the Contemporary Folk category in 1989.

Because of "Old Friends", Elektra/Asylum Records signed Guy to a multi-album deal that resulted in the critically acclaimed records "Boats To
Build" and "Dublin Blues", which were co-produced and engineered by Miles.

  • "Way Live" for The Waybacks
  • Produced Canadian rock singer-songwriter Bobby Cameron
Most recently Miles has produced Karla Anderson's new CD from Edmonton and Doug & Telisha Williams new CD from Virginia.
Miles has Co-Produced:
  • four projects for Darrell Scott
Miles' work can be found on:
  • Marcia Ball's Rounder release "Blue House"
  • Cindy Church's "Just A Little Rain" LP
  • Verlon Thompson & Suzi Ragsdale's LP
  • Peter McCann's RCA Christmas album
Other productions include:
  • 1997 Juno Award Winning Long John Baldry's "Right To Sing The Blues" LP (Stony Plain)
  • "Cindy Church's" LP (Stony Plain)
  • Guy Clark's live album "Keepers" (1997 Grammy nominated LP in the Contemporary Folk category - Sugar Hill)
Miles has engineered:
  • Great Big Sea's album "Turn" with producer Steve Berlin (Sire/London Records)
  • Tim O'Brien & Darrell Scott's LP "Real Time"
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